Recruit on chats

Greenday I was thinking of getting people to do a chat recruit like you said but at their own leisure. Everyone should do this at least once this week.

So here is what you do. First go on a chat and make your name something like “Snow Warrior” or something snowy. Next in a text file like notepad copy this:

The Snow Warriors are looking for some great soldiers. Please visit our site and join. Many ranks open for the expierenced and novice. Check here and become part of The Snow Warrior family.

When you have a 1/2 hour to spare go to any of the top ten army chats and Personel Chat (PC) the lower ranks. Copy the recruit announcement into the PC and let it sit for a while. I find that with 5 or 6 chats open my computer gets a little laggy but I can still move from chat to chat ok. Dont spam on chat or you will get guested. Only use PC to advertise. If you PC a Moderator you have a chance of getting guested so becareful. I think you can PC about 8 people per chat. So in 1/2 an hour you should be able to PC 40 people or more.

Happy recruiting everybody!


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  1. ya but you can go to like a small cheat site with no one on and spam the name to the top.

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