War Is Going To Come

I couldn’t care less about what you think! We’re having a war! Lje98 wanted to have a rematch with SW just because he couldn’t make it. When I said no, he called me blind for some reason. He said “If you keep pestering me on the HW site, this will get into a war”. I couldn’t care less if this got into a war. I want a war. They have an average of 1-2 at events, and we have 4-5. So I need you to vote on this poll:

Remember, you must comment what you voted for or your vote won’t count!


8 Responses

  1. I SO want a war. Why would I make this post if I didn’t?

  2. i want war too

  3. Lol What a *edited out* His army sucks…. I Think only he is active 😀

  4. WAR FTW! Sorry if I’m not meant to vote I just want war to win anyway lol.

  5. Roflmao. If I made a poll, I wouldn’t try to insult the other army… but, being the person I am, I just laugh at this. Btw, Darthman, we’ll see who sucks when we have a war, with more people for us. War> Yeah, I’ll accept.

    • and lets not get iw this time 🙄

    • Cahockey:

      Darthman, stop swearing! I’m going to disable you from commenting if all you do is swear!

      • Ok 🙄 Sorry…. Stupid Me

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