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Chat for SW!

Hey guys, I created a chat for SW. You can access it on this post, or go to this link (sorry if I’m advertising but it shouldn’t be since it’s SW related): http://xat.com/SnowWarriors

Cahockey, if you’re unhappy with this idea you can remove the post and tell me you’re not happy. If you are happy, come on the chat between 10:00 AM PST and 1:00 PM PST on weekdays and I will PC you the password so you can become a main owner. Also, you can come on at absolutely anytime on Friday or Saturday because I should be on if I haven’t already made you a main owner.
Reeceb’s edit: Watch this video if you want swear words to be blocked on xat.


11 Responses

  1. thanks we will need it for the batttle

  2. Reeceb, thank you so much for taking you’re time to do this. I’ll give you 50 medals, editor forever, and power to get SW to help your army in a war. But the thing is, I don’t like the idea of xat. I would be okay with it if you got to approve whatever someone says, but sadly, you can’t 😐 . Because I REALLY hate swearing (and I mean like hel*, as*), I don’t like xat. Thank you Reeceb for your time to do this.

    • Thanks Cahockey, also, there’s an option on xat that blocks swear words unless you physically click the word that’s blocked. This can be accessed by clicking your name.


      But xat doesn’t take out all of the swear words. They keep hel*,as*,shi* and lots more

  3. *edited out*

  4. Reeceb, I watched the new video you put up, but they don’t block hel*, as*, those kind of things 😐

    • Oh well, it’s just one exception and those words aren’t too bad anyway. We can ban people if they do cuss.

  5. I like the chats to get people together and talk. But during a battle I find it can be to distracting. Penguins end up standing around cuz the user is to busy chatting instead of fighting. Thanks Reeceb for making it cuz we do need a chat like other armies have. 😉

  6. You guys don’t realise do you? In battle, you need to go on the chat, because… you need to be able to give commands, and listen to commands.

    • Well I realize that…. But I really don’t see why you’re actually trying to HELP the people in this army who don’t.

  7. Snow Warriors are going to pwn HW! We surrender!

    • Right…

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