Should We Change The Names?

I was wondering if Main Leaders should be known as leaders, leaders as co-leaders, etc. Now, I would like to know what you think.

Remember, you must commented what you voted for and why or your vote won’t count!!


10 Responses

  1. Of course. Why would I make this post?

  2. I like the ranks as they are so I voted nope but you might wanna add a main owner line, owner line, mod line, etc.

  3. i voted yepperz 😛
    -Foo Fighter

  4. i voted ya so basically it is 3-0 keep the name because the no’s didnt comment what they said

    • nvm any of these 3 comments i was confused i voted yes

  5. wait,i want the name to stay the same unless you have a cooler name planned

  6. and i still want “snow” in the new name.

    • Umm… So the ranks should be snow main leader, snow leader, snow co-leader, etc…?

  7. I voted yes cuz Leaders and Main Leaders sound like they would have the same power. Armies with Main Leaders are usually people who created the site but are semi-retired and the Leaders are the active ones making everything happen. So I vote yes change the names.

  8. nope

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