advertising week

Well recruiting week went okay. Only two people joined.But during recruiting week, i got an idea.We need to have an advertising week and here’s how it will work:

Every time you put our banner on your site you get 12 medals.

Every time you add our site to a blogroll you get 5 medals.

Every three times you go on an army or cheat site and say “join snow warriors by clicking the link or my name” you get a medal.(but the comment must go through moderation.)

Comment here if you think the medals are too high or low.

and comment here when you have done any of these


3 Responses

  1. I say 10 medals for the banner, and 5 for the blogroll, if that’s okay.

  2. Do I get medals for doing it already? No, just kidding 😆

  3. ya its fine i will change it to that.

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