Fart Invasion!

Yep, we are doing a fart invasion. We will start at http://xat.com/SnowWarriors and then move to others. All you do is spam chats with #fart, #fart2, #fart3, or #fart4. Once we are less busy, I will do a burp invasion, then many more. Here is the info:

Date: Sunday, November 29th


  • 10:00 AM PST
  • 1:00 PM EST
  • 6:00 PM GMT

Location: xat.com/SnowWarriors, then we will move

If I don’t show up, Greenday will lead it. If Greenday doesn’t show up, Frothe will lead it. Then it will go by the highest ranks. But, if two co-leaders show up, they can take turns leading.

This will be great!

P.S. Reeceb, is it okay is FS joins the fart invasion?


3 Responses

  1. ya change the times cuz the war is the same day and hour


    No, the war is on the 28th, not 29th.

  2. Ah there is nothing like a good fart attack on a Sunday morning. lolz 😀

  3. 1000th comment on the site!!!! Woot woot!

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