What Is YOUR Favorite Things From Here?

Well, I was wondering, what your favorite things are from 2-4 choices. So here is the first question.

1. Which is better? Mac, or PC?

Please comment what you said. Please comment why you think that and which one you use. Here is the second:

2. Which is better? Chocolate or Ice Cream?

Do what the first says. Here is the third:

Okay, well this one isn’t based on what your favorite things are, but whatever.

3. Do you believe in Santa?

Do what 1 says. But if your parents read this site and haven’t found out yet that you don’t believe in him, don’t comment what you think.



5 Responses

  1. 1.never been on a mac so i dont really know
    3.nah and my parents know that

  2. 1. 50/50 – I like PCs but I like Macs just as much too.

    2. Chocolate FTW!

    3. No way, ik he isn’t real.

  3. 1. Pc 😀

    2. Chocolate….. Is NICE 😀

    3. Santa Is Real (Wary) Who Eats All The Mince Pies??

  4. 1 pc
    3 real!

  5. 1. Which is better? PC because it is what I have and use everyday. MAC is cool tho just not as familiar with it.

    2. Which is better? Chocolate Ice Cream. Why not have both?

    3. Do you believe in Santa? I think there is a Santa in all of us. 😉

    Whatever you do as a tactic it is always more awesome when it starts from a line and ends in a line. Always.

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