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Do Foo and Kieran Deserve The Ranks They Have?/Week Break Starting Monday

Foo Fighter used to be the most active penguin in Frozen Snowmobiles (Our old hockey team). He retired. Then came back 2 months later. He wasn’t very active. And Kieran was quite active. But then he got more and more obsessed with WW and checked SW site every week. So, I would like you to write a paragraph of if Foo deserves to be a leader and why/why not. Then do the same for Kieran. You MUST vote by the 29th. If Foo gets voted out, he will have 2 more days to prove that he deserves his spot. Same with Kieran. If Foo is votd out, he will become an ambassador and Mmjjoo will take his place. If Kieran is voted out, Mckewanman will take his place and Kieran will become an ambassador. Please choose wisely!

Remember! You must vote by the 29th!

Anyway, I have decided to take a week break to see what you guys can do without me. I will still approve comments and answer questions. But I will not schedule any events. That is why I am taking this break. So I can see what you can do. I would like Reeceb, Greenday, Frothe, Raphle, and Mmjjoo to start scheduling events. If I show up to them, I will still be on chat, but I will not lead the events. This break will start on Monday. Maybe you guys can start scheduling stuff early. Oh, and non-UK people, schedule events that are whatever time and I’ll make a European Division event for them.


8 Responses

  1. Foo doesn’t deserve to be a co-leader because he hasn’t checked the site for a week. Same with Kieran.

  2. 😦 Foo Doesnt deserve to be a co leader beacuse he inst active…. and kieran isnt active as well…..

    But One Question

    How come mmjjoo Gets to help with the site and he is hardly active i havent seen him comment for ages or come to an event… and if foo gets demoted he gets his spot! i mean comon how come i dont get it? why cant we have a poll who gets it? i check the site at least 2-3 times a day as well!!!


    Mmjjoo commented yesterday 🙄 . And I don’t want to do a poll because people will only vote for you because everyone knows you from other places.

  3. Foo left a comment in the Abominable city. So he is checking around.

  4. i look at this site 4 days a week but i dont always have to commentand foo fighter is not active like i am


    You mean 4 times a week?

  5. ill start scheduling stuff when i get back from New York on Sunday

  6. yya i think foo fighter and darthman should switch ranks


    Good Idea, but I want it to be Mmjjoo because he said BFW are merging into us once big enough. Mmjjoo would check every day, but he has hockey, so he can’t. And you’re only saying Darthman because you’ve known him from other places 😕 .

  7. … I cant belive this… I Know You Like Mmjjoo Better Cahockey. But Even Greenday Wants Me To Switch With Foo 🙄
    And Hes A Main Leader As Well. Cahockey i Know You Like Him Better But Comon Be Fair. And If We Have A Poll We We Wont People Will Vote For Me Beacuse “Everyone Knows You From Other Places”. So Now Your Saying Im A Bad Soldier?? And Greenday Only Knows Me From Snow Wariors!!!!!

    Ive Commented Check The Site Evey 2 Days And Been To Events What More Do You Want From Me!?!?!?

    Reeceb: Hmm… I guess your kind of true Darthman because I only knew you from WW. I do think it’s a bit unfair though that Mmjjoo just ‘gets’ to be co-leader without a poll or something where you have to state your reason.

  8. DUDE R U FLIPPIN SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I check the site about ever 2 days, just bcuz i dont comment doesnt mean im not here!!!!!
    Im not the commenting kind of person
    -Foo Fighter

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