Do You Deserve A Promo?

Promo day is on the 30th. So all you have to do to get a promo is comment with your CP name, SW Rank, and why you deserve a promo. The highest mod rank and all owner ranks cannot get a promo. Here is an example:

CP Name: Cahockey

SW Rank: Leader

Why I deserve a promo: I deserve a promo because I check this site every 1-3 hours on weekends and 5 times on weekdays because of school. I also have made it to 3.5/4 of the events, and I have posted daily. Well, I can’t get a promo because I have the highest rank possible. But that would be cool if I could get a promo to Ultra Leader if it existed in SW 😀 !

Remember, comment by the 29th at midnight! I will be able to tell if your comment is past the deadline or not.

Good Luck!


3 Responses

  1. Kieranmega Y
    i deserve a promo because i look at the site 4 days a week


    You mean 4 times a week?

  2. your a co-leader,your rank probably isnt going anywhere.

  3. Mr Muckyfeet
    I deserve a promo because I(as in me)check the site once every day and Raphle8 checks it for me another three times so I deserve a PROMO!Please!

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