Invading Ice Pond

An army called “CP Team Blue” claim to own Mukluk as their capital server. I won’t give you the link in the post, because Kieran will join them and become inactive, like he asked with HW. Meet me on chat someday and I’ll show it to you. I’ll plan the invasion after my week break (or maybe I’ll shorten my break). We are going to invade Ice Pond once we are less busy. Once the PB is over, I will schedule the invasion. Once the Fart Invasion is over, we will have a tactics session. Also, focus on CP in the PB, not the chat! We will only use the chat for hard tactics (circles, double lines lines, igloo runs, etc.).


2 Responses

  1. ive heard of cp team gold

    • I know. I’ve seen many team ____________ (Color here)

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