Someone Coming Back/Tagline Contest Winner

Me and Mathmatt talked. He said he would come back to SW and will be more active. Also, Greenday won the tactics session with “Tonight your local forcast is snowy with a slight chance of pwning”. Everyone else’s was good, but I liked Greenday’s the most. Greenday’s will be the new tagline. Also, your opinion of Mathmatt coming back, if he will be active and if he will be able to get his spot back. Also comment your opinion of Greenday’s tagline.


5 Responses

  1. I think Mathmatt coming back would be could good for SW. I think he will check the site every 2-4 days. I think he would get his spot back if lots of people retired and if Mckewanman got a promo. I think Greenday’s tagline is really good.

  2. i like the idea of mathmatt coming back. and i like my tagline lol.

  3. good idea and no fair!

  4. okay then

  5. I think Mathmatt should come back and help us out.

    Congrats to Greenday it is a good tag line.

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