Which Is Better?

Okay, I like hockey, and I watch NHL (National Hockey League for those non-hockey fans). I like the Penguins and the Canucks. I know Greenday likes the Flyers (I think) and Frothe likes the Sharks. Well, I need you to vote on which is the better game.

Choice 1:

Canucks @ Avalanche, Nov. 14 2009:

Choice 2:

Hurricanes @ Penguins, May 2?th 2009

Choice 3:

Penguins @ Sharks, November 8th 2009

There you go Frothe 😉

Vote on which one is best and why. Also include which goals and saves were epic pwnage. Also, everyone besides Frothe, me and Greenday, comment what YOUR favorite team is! If you don’t know any of them click here.

P.S. Sorry Greenday for not including the Flyers. I’ll make a post for this every week or sooner.



4 Responses

  1. I have a tie between the Penguins vs. Canes and the Nucks vs. Avs. In the Nucks game I like the second Sedin goal the most and the Luongo glove save. In the Pens game the 3rd Malkin goal was epic pwnage! I didn’t like the 3rd game because my favorite team got shut out! 😦 . But I’m not going to be biased about my favorite teams.

  2. Chicago Blackhawks FTW
    -Foo Fighter


    I HATE the Blackhawks! They stink for destroying my favorite team 7-5 in Game 6 of the semi-finals last year 😦

    • blackhwaks are okay because my hockey team’s jersey is the same excact thing as there’s.

  3. its fine.

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