Test Poll

This is NOT a real poll. It is a test poll. All results will be completely worthless.

Like Cahockey’s polls, you must comment with your vote and a reason for your vote. To make this easier, there is a form below.

NOTE: Cahockey thinks Darthman10 will be most voted becasue he is well known, so you must give a good reason if you vote him like… “He is active and I think he’s a good soldier.” Any comments like “I like Darthman10 better” will be ignored.

1. Your vote:

2. Reason:

3. Your CP name:


1. Your vote: (I’m not going to be picky so…) Neither – two is enough.

2. Reason: (Again, I don’t want to be picky so…) I don’t want any of them to be Co-Leader.

3. Your CP name: Reeceb.


7 Responses

  1. 1. Your vote: mmjjoo

    2. Reason:He helped me tie a different vote.

    3. Your CP name:Raphle8

  2. I’m not going to say because Darthman will complain if I picked Mmjjoo because apparently “I think he’s better” 🙄 Oh, and I only ask you to comment what you voted because I need to know if people are getting their friends to vote for them. But for un-major ones, I’d just do comments. Also, an I change the poll style?

  3. 1. Your vote: neither – two is enough

    2. Reason: i think 2 leaders is enough and we dont need 3 anyway

    3. Your CP name: kieranmega y

  4. Actually, two is enough. I will wait until we have more active people (And by that I mean like Greenday, me, and Reeceb).

  5. 1. Your vote: Darthman10

    2. Reason: Has more experience

    3. Your CP name: Frothe1

    Really a hard choice cuz Darthman10 I think has more experience but is not as active as Mmjjoo. Maybe he would become more active with a higher rank. If he does not become more active then make another change.

  6. I say two is enough because mjjoo is more active but darthman has a lot of experience and i cant decide

  7. no comment..

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