Lje, Why Do You Want To Be Allies When You Want To Invade Our Servers?

Lje, you want to be allies, but you want to invade Matterhorn! I can invade Aurora from you guys. There would be a no-allies rule. So, don’t you guys think that it is stupid that someone who wants to be allies is asking if they should invade our servers? We can become enemies again. Is that what you want, Lje? Oh, and just because I “don’t want a rematch”, doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you guys 🙄 . I’m not afraid of you guys 🙄 . If I was, I wouldn’t  have declared war on you. I can again though. Lje, enemies, or allies?


5 Responses

  1. A few points:
    First, I only said you were allies because you joined.
    Second, I was just saying, because we need more servers.
    Third, if you aren’t scared, then accept a rematch.
    Fourth, you wouldn’t have declared war on us had we been larger at the first PB.
    Just, a few points.

    • … What About We Invade All Your Servers Huh? 😀

  2. Try us, we don’t give a *edited out*. In fact, we’d quite like you to, as it means we can prove to you that you don’t mess with the Hydro =DDDDD.

    Reeceb: Just what I expected you to say… One word from me: Sure you will! 😀

  3. Lolz… epic fail from the SW again.It’s not like I said anything bad, or actually swore. Geez… Reeceb, that’s the biggest fail, honestly. ”One word from me: Sure you will!”
    Now, in case you haven’t realised, that’s 3 times. SNOW WARRIORS FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cahockey: It’s easy to tell that isn’t the real Lje98. Your e-mail isn’t “ljedude@lje.com”. And, you have an avatar. Oh, and I’ll be checking the IP Adress.

  4. That WAS me =P. Check the IP Adress if you must. I just was mucking around =DDDDDDDDDDDDD

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