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New Theme/Song of The Week

Okay, so I changed the theme. I also made it so snow fell from whatever way your mouse is pointing to. Anyway, I’m starting a new thing called Song of The Week. All I do is get people to comment on this post saying they want to choose one of the 3 nominees. The first commenter gets to pick nominee 1, 2nd gets 2nd nominee, 3rd gets 3rd, and 4th get 1 for the next week and so on. Once we run out of people, I start at the begining again. The rules are:

  • The songs cannot include NO SWEARING! (Hel*, dam* and as* count as swearing also) (If they do find the clean version or just post the link and I won’t put up the song)
  • The songs cannot have any bad things in the video (If they do I’ll get just the lyrics and song without the video or get the CPMV)!
  • The songs cannot have anything offensive to anyone (even if they aren’t in any army)!
  • Try to get the CPMV instead of the video unless the video has really funny parts or doesn’t break any of the above rules.
  • The nominee pickers cannot vote
  • No whining if yours isn’t voted

1st, 2nd and 3rd commenters get to choose the nominees for song of the week, so YOU BETTER COMMENT!


5 Responses

  1. Where did the stories section go I just wrote a story!JUST!!!!! I am sad and mad at YOU!!!!

  2. Umm Ummm

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p68rj879Zyg Ow Yea!


    It says in my country the video cannot work due to copyright restrictions, so what is the name of the song?

    • Its Im A Barbie Girl In A Barbie World


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