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War With HW!

We are going to war with HW because apparently “The Snow Warriors have been a long source of annoyance to HW” 🙄 Here are the times:

Date: Sunday 6th December


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 2:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM GMT

We will be defending Matterhorn from the HW.

NOTE: Greenday184, I (Cahockey) edited this post so it had the best punctuation and correct info.


14 Responses

  1. ok and lol,it is snowing!

  2. Maybe and the reson why im inactive is because im grounded and will be back until idk so dont count me as inactive

  3. wow! im active i go on everyday but right now im grounded from the computer so dont keep me at red! THATS INSULTING!
    ps- thats how u get ppl to quit ur army

    Reeceb: You’re blue for now. If you come to the tactics session on Saturday, I’ll make you green/blue. If you don’t, I’ll make you blue/red. If you cannot make it (which means you’ve commented on the tactics session post stating that you cannot make it), you will remain blue.

  4. Hehe, I guess the snow kinda fits in with you guys, eh?
    Ok, I have 1 question:
    If we apologised for declaring war, and everything we’ve ever done to offend you, would you consider a merge into us? Here’s how it’d work:
    Your main leaders would be co-leader
    Your leaders would be 3ic
    Your co-leaders would be 4ic
    Your 3ics would be highest mod rank
    Please give me your feedback on this idea, as I would like to know.
    NOTE: This doesn’t mean we are considering a merge, or we want to merge. This is merely research, conducted by me for possible future purposes, which do not neccesarily involve a merge.

    Reeceb: First, you went through loads of trouble to declare war on us, and now you want to apologize for everything and have us merge into you?! Second, why would we merge into you? Especially when you won’t give us an equal rank to what we were in SW.

  5. what happened to blogroll?

  6. Awesome army! Just wondering if you would like to enter my tournament. Read the first post at Link Removed- No Advertising! and join! Also, please spread the word. I would like this tournament to be lots of fun!

    • he wasnt really advertising he wanted us to join his tournament

  7. I can make it. 😉

  8. Hello there! This is Trickster-you most likely know me. I need to all of you leaders of the Snow Warriors, you can find me on Acp Chat and then pc me. Thank-you.


  9. Yea hey its J55559.I got banned 4ever this morning so I will be on Penguin Pen put that name instead of J55559 on the ranks.~~J55559 aka Penguin Pen

  10. I would like to clear up something with you:
    We will be fighting in 5 different rooms (Plaza [start], Snow Forts, Town, Dock and then Beach). Because of an odd number of rooms being invaded, that means than if we beat you in 3 rooms, it can’t be a draw, and vice-versa. And that’s how it will be based on. If we pwn you in the majority of rooms, then we win. If you pwn us in 3 rooms (at least), then you win. Just though I’d clear that up.

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