Invasions of Ice Pond, Icicle and Snowcap

This doesn’t need to be stickied because it is not really important if you miss it because it’s an invasion of an un-claimed servers. Please try to make it though because I cannot make it. Here is the time:

Date: Saturday, December 5th


  • 10:00, Snowcap, 10:15 Ice Pond, and 10:30 Icicle AM PST
  • 1:00, Snowcap, 1:15, Ice Pond, and 1:30 Icicle PM EST
  • 6:00, Snowcap, 6:15, Ice Pond, and 6:30 Icicle PM GMT

Location: Snowcap, then Ice Pond, and then Icicle, Snow Forts

All you have to do is recruit a bit in each room. Please post if any other armies showed up and what you did (Please attack them with igloo runs, joke bombs etc.). I changed the tactic session up 35 minutes.


9 Responses

  1. It’s easy. All you have to do is recruit a little bit in each room 😛 . Greenday, can you e-mail the card jitsu code to All you have to do is click the link an e-mail 😉
    Make sure to double check so you don’t accidentally send it to someone else!

  2. ok i think i will be there unless something comes up

  3. im sharing frosty with ncpa

    Cahockey: Whatever, I’ll change it.

  4. frosty, ice pond and icecle you have to have war with the army who owns them

    Cahockey: They’re unclaimed servers *ONO*

  5. iw owns icecle i think

  6. iw dont own icecle

  7. OK recruit and attack anybody who does not like us being there. No problemo.

    I will get any armys name if we do meet them for future battles. 😉

  8. MFW owns Icicle so if you want to invade Icicle you’re gonna have to mess with us.

  9. whats with all of this icicle!?!? Gosh, I’m the one who has the CP cheats called CP Icicle! – Link Removed- NO ADVERTISING! or Link Removed- NO ADVERTISING! :/

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