Lje98 commented saying that if HW said sorry for all they did, he asked if  “we would consider a merge into HW”. Seriously? Then, he said that our leaders would be co-leaders, co-leaders a 3ics etc. Comment YOUR opinion on that comment. Oh, and don’t try playing me at original card jitsu, because Greenday gave me a card that is invincible unless you have a 13+ of water or snow. Which you probablydon’t have, so my card is technically invincible 😉


4 Responses

  1. Lol…. HW Merge O_o Lets Take Alll Of There Servers!

  2. ya let’s merge into a smallere army and get lower ranks! 🙄

  3. ya,but what sucks about card jitsu fire is that you cant show off what your special cards do

  4. Its going to take a while before I stop laughing about this. We merge into HW so NOT going to happen.

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