Recruit & Tactic training

Greenday and I (Frothe) did the 3 server recruit without any confrontation from any army. I think we got a couple of people to look at the site.

Greenday, Mmjjoo, and I did a little tactic training attacking some Yeti at the snowforts. Sorry I did not get any pictures.

Just after Greenday and Mmjjoo left Raphle8 showed up. So we went to the dojo and had some card-jitsu battles.

I think everyone should get some medals. Good job everybody. 😉


6 Responses

  1. that stinks,because me and frothe got up to 4 people to say”look up snow warrriors of cp and join!!” and like 8 people were dancin around with us and even one came on our chat! but none joined 😦

  2. oh and cahockey,please unsticky the post on the contest because i want to sliughtly change the rules.

  3. and the tactics session bacause it is over.

  4. Okay Greenday. Good job everyone! We now have 6 un-shared servers! Thanks for still doing stuff even though I wasn’t there 😉 .

  5. cool someone actually did join

    • Were they added to the ranks yet?

      Out of all those people only 1 joined? 😐

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