Should We?

Well, Trickster (Army Legend) made an army called Snow Warriors today. Now he noticed that we were made already. He wanted us to merge into them. So, I need Me, Greenday184, Frothe1, Reeceb, Foo Fighter, and Raphle8 to attend a meeting at 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST and 6 PM UK next Saturday on chat. Everyone else that attends will be guested. He then finished it off saying “you did a horrible job” and “no one even knows you” and other things.


4 Responses

  1. My Saturdays are usually open. So I should be able to make this chat. I think for as active as we are (with school and holidays coming up) we are doing ok as an army starting out. During the vaction time I should be more active and so will all of you I would guess. If it were summer time this army would be big cuz we got the talent.

  2. Hey! One your guys comment on my site? Yeah?
    Well, I will join up !

    • check your rank in this army on the ranks page

  3. The recruiting competition for a coin code is going well.darthman and frothe both have 1 (if i didnt count you say who and how u recruited)

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