Christmas Igloo Contest

I have decided to make the prize for whoever wins a series 4 coin code.If i am the winner the runner up will get it because i want to join for fun.And if you don’t win,you can recruit 4 people and get the other coin code.but you must be in this army to enter

Ya, I know the last contest was a month ago, but whatever. Anyway, we’ll be having a Christmas Igloo Contest! Start decorating now, and add some more once the catalog comes out! Here is an example on how to enter:

  1. Name: Cahockey
  2. Rank: Leader
  3. Are you a member: No, but this is just an example
  4. Are you Cahockey’s buddy? That’s impossible…

9 Responses

  1. Okay, I am really mad at WordPress right now. They are being really idiotic. I was finishing my post, but it wouldn’t let me stop the quote. So, here is the rest of the post:
    “Igloo contest goes until the 16th (5 days with the new stuff, 5 days with the old stuff). The objective is to get the most Christmas stuff in your igloo. If the stuff isn’t Christmas themed, but is red or green, it won’t count as much.

  2. Cahockey, if you aren’t a member, then what’s with your white puffle?

    Cahockey: I was a member before *ONO* And, you can always get them in the treasure book.

    • ha was a member

  3. ok im gonna enter

  4. 1. Name: Mmjjoo
    2. Rank: Ambassador
    3. Are you a member: Yes
    4. Are you Cahockey’s buddy?: Yeperz

  5. Greenday, you made the edit on the wrong post… 😀

    • what are you talking about?

  6. mckewanman

    brigadier general


    Of course (Yes)

  7. Is this just for sw?

    Cahockey: I never thought other people would join, but whatever. It’s over anyway.

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