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Matterhorn Is Ours Still!

Yep, we beat HW! We still have Matterhorn!  They got the Dock and Beach, and we got the Snow Forts, Plaza and Town, so we won! Oh, and Kieran will be punished for being on chat but not on CP 😕 Pics:

1. Lje puffle bombs and we use defense emotes

2. We joke bomb

3. We joke bomb again

4. We form a line on the chat bar

5. We defend Lje’s puffle bomb with emotes

6. We form another line on the chat bar

7. We make a group as Lje puffle bombs the air 😆

8. We defend Lje’s joke bomb with emotes

9. We chase Lje around the room with a fart bomb

10. We hello bomb Lje

11. Well, this isn’t a pic of the war, but it’s our chat (also proof for the Kieranmega Y suspension)

12. We make a group in the top of the town

13. Lje joke bombs us, we defend with emotes

14. We fart bomb, but for some reason Lje joke bombs us xD 😆

15. Lje gets allies, even though there is a no allies rule 😕 We defend Lje’s joke bomb with emotes

16. We use war faces, and Lje joke bombs. Lje’s “allies” form a line and fart

Lje cheated by getting allies, so it shouldn’t count. Anyway, we keep Matterhorn! Lje said he won the town, but look at pics #12, 13 and 14 😕

Anyway, speaking of the Kieranmega Y suspension. Kieran was on chat, BUT NOT ON CP! During a VERY important battle. So, please comment saying if the suspension should be a week banned from chat, member for a week, or probation for a week? I will not vote.


10 Responses


    • I didnt see Dino online or in any pics. So I guess you dont have much to say then, huh? Try showing up and helping your army then you can speak.

  2. ya we can’t take a loss… 🙄

    Cahockey: You’re either Lje, Dino or some other guy from HW. Wanna know how I can tell? You’re IP Address is different from the real Greenday’s IP Adress. HW guys, I’m not stupid, even though you might think I am 😕

    • that actually was me,im being sarcastic that is why i use the 🙄 emote

    • Yeah, I do think i’m pretty stupid

  3. I was there

    • Thanks for making the battle. We really needed you and you showed up on time which was so great.

  4. Lol They Think They Won xD Sorry I Couldnt Make it my computer had a virus…..

  5. well guess what red bull army is ready to take matterhorn on friday too hahaha its gonna be ours here is our site to look how big our army is http://redbullarmy.wordpress.com

  6. Kewl im in most of the pictures!!Im so glad we won:D.Btw
    Lje wanted me to wight for HW then he would promote me to 5ic bu I din’t care and fought for the SW 😀

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