The End of A Legend

Hey everyone, Foo Fighter here,

And today, I have figured is the day to end my career, exactly 1 year in the CP Armies.

I have soooooo many people to thank after one year and the multiple armies I’ve been in, but I will just name very close SW friends to me

  • Cahockey, I can guarantee you that SW will become major early next year with your leadership skills and dedication
  • Frothe1, I wanted to get to know you, but I guess that never happened

Well, obviously I don’t really know you guys.  But with how CP Armies are turning out right now, SW will reign someday, I can feel it

My last post in my career, Go Blackhawks

-Foo Fighter


8 Responses

  1. Goodbye Foo Fighter. You will be greatly remembered in SW. I will update the thing in the HOF for you.
    P.S. Blackhawks stink… Penguins pwn!

  2. And Foo, you need to pick who you want to take your spot. If you don’t, I’ll pick who gets it for you.

  3. Bai Foo Hope U Have A Good Time aAt Retirement Island 😀

  4. bye Foo.Good luck with life.

  5. bye Foo nice no wen ya buddy 😀

  6. Goodbye Foo Fighter. I wish I could of got to know you cuz I have seen your name around the CP army circut a lot. Well if you get bored you know where we are. Thanks for the mention and all the best in life.

  7. yay

  8. good you were lame

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