So many white puffles! look at this —–> OMG!


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  1. ❓ What the heck? There is no picture or video there…

  2. ya but i dont blame you,i have no clue how to do pictures either.probably just a hacker

    • Greenday, I have told you 2 times how to do it… I can explain again for you.
      1. Press “Prnt Scrn” on your keyboard
      2. Press “CTRL+V” in a Microsoft Word Document
      3. Right click
      4. Click “Show picture toolbar”
      5. Click the crop thing and crop your pic down to the CP parts
      6. Right click
      7. Press “CTRL+C”
      8. Press “CTRL+V” in the paint document
      9. Add text or whatever you want (if you don’t want to skip to #10)
      10. Save picture as a PNG
      11. Upload to WordPress
      12. Click “File URL” (a long URL starting with the website URL will pop up)
      13. Select size (Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size (I reccomend medium for CP pics, but full size for headers, banners, those kind of things))
      14. Click “Insert to post”
      15. Publish post or add content to the post
      Hope that helped 😉

  3. You should use a site like Photobucket or Imageshack to upload pictures for free. Copy the pic url. Then click on the img in the post edit screen (allow temp script files if asked and click on img again) then paste the url in the box. This should now show the pic in the post. Try it and If you dont understand something let me know I can help you more.

  4. ya it won’t work…

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