Promo Day (Without Ranks)!

Sorry I am not using ranks for this one. It takes about 15 minutes to put it back into color. Anyway, people with promos are:

Kkabc123, Biiels, and Devlim!

People with demotions are:

Mr. Muckyfeet, Claz123, Finakuamama, and Penguinboy587

Devlim is now a mod! Come on chat and I’ll mod you. Congrats on who got promoted.


5 Responses

  1. congrats to everyone who got promoted,and whoever got demoted,be a little more active and you will be promoted

  2. Raphle8 was at 2 events that I remember over the last month so I would NOT demote.

    Congrats to Kkabc123, Biiels, and Devlim!

    Others need to try harder please.

  3. *edited out

    Cahockey: Oh well, if you hate us so much you will be on probation for a year 😉 (and this is regular 😉 )

    • mud needs to make sure what she tells me to type will not get her a probation as a christmas present!

      Cahockey: Guess what? No one here knows who the heck “mud” is.

      • good point

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