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SW Awards

The 1st annual SW awards will be held! They will be for SW, not like army of the year and stuff. The awards are:

  • Owner Rank of the year (3 nominees)
  • Event of the year (3 nominees)
  • Person on chat the most (2 nominees)
  • Fail of the year (3 nominees)
  • Worst event of the year (2 nominees)

Please comment ideas for more. The nominees for Owner Ranks of the year are:

  • Frothe1
  • Greenday184
  • Reeceb

The nominees for event of the year are:

  • PB victory over HW with 6
  • War victory over CPYJ with 4
  • Divisions PB with 6

The nominees for Person on chat the most are:

  • Mmjjoo (duh)
  • Lje98 (Who cares if he ain’t in SW)

The nominees for Fail of the year are:

  • Lje98 using a “p” instead of “h” in Matterhorn 😆
  • Xat thinking “cyber” is a bad word
  • Dino saying they won the PB when we were winning 6-1 and on the site

The nominees for worst event of the year are:

  • Our training session here
  • Our recruiting session here

Also, why not have a comment spree? I thought we could use one. This post will be stickied for a long time anyway.

200th commenter gets to lead a tactic session, and the 400th commenter gets to create a tactic and we will use it.

20 Responses

  1. Okay, I’ll state why each person was nominated.
    Greenday184 in owner rank of the year: for his work in this army
    Frothe1: For his work and coming to all events possible
    Reeceb: For creating the chat
    Mmjjoo in person on chat the most: I don’t remember a day when Mmjjoo wasn’t on chat.
    Lje98: Lje goes on chat every weekend, which is acceptable because be is in UK.
    That’s all you needed to know 😉
    P.S. I’m helpining in this comment spree 😉

  2. It’s not annoying, here your comment!

  3. I didn’t use a ”P”. How dare you!

  4. Well, I did, but by accident *D*

  5. Well I can’t vote for myself so…

    Owner rank of the year: Frothe1

    Event of the year: PB with HW

    Person on chat the most: Mmjjoo

    Fail of the year: Dino saying they won the PB when we were winning 6-1 and on the site.

    Worst event of the year: Training Session

  6. lol epic fails adn epic wins all in one post

  7. i epid failed! **and

  8. owner rank of the year:Frothe1
    reason:he went to what?every event

    event of the year:we didn’t do that much but pb with HW
    Resaon:it was fun and we did great

    person on chat most:yeah,mmjjoo
    reason:goes on chat the most

    fail of the year:what dino said
    reason:well i don’t think it is really possible for 1 person to beat 6 people

    • Really guys, take off my fail of the year. It was to trick Lje. i knew you won

      • Oh, yeah right. You tried to trick me… mhm.

  9. let’s put this as our side bar it’s club penguin’s banner you click it and it goes to play now so it’s very convienent Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends! i

  10. lol i pwn!

  11. Owner Rank of the year: Greenday184
    reason: He has been more active and has posted more as well.

    Event of the year: PB with HW
    reason: It was good practice and we made some allies.

    Person on chat the most: Mmjjoo
    reason: Well I’m not on chat much during the week but it seems this is a no brainer.

    Fail of the year: Dino saying he won
    reason: All he did was stand there.

    Worst event of the year: Training session
    reason: need more people to attend.

  12. wow green great army u got there

    • thanks

  13. comment of the day (day 3! 2 more to go)

  14. Cahokcey, I’d like to talk to you on chat. Thanks.

  15. *Cahockey

  16. psst………..
    Add best soldier that retired this year (wary)
    -Foo Fighter

  17. Me won fail of the year! WOO HOO!!

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