Chrsitmas party

I think we should have a Christmas party with any allies tommorrow right after the invasion ends.We could do things like visit eachother’s Christmas igloos,walk around in CP checking out the cool rooms,and we could all send eachother that Christmas hat is anyone hasn’t gotten that in their mail yet.

Also, Club Penguin has made some pretty good forts in the snow forts. That will be good for the pb.

Last thing,the coin code contest is going good. Here are the results so far (you win by recruiting 4 people)

Frothe1:2 people

Biiels:1 person

Darthman:1 person

~Merry Christmas everyone!!~7 days~


5 Responses

  1. Yeah, we could have a party. Greenday, can you keep your 2 time contest winning igloo for a party? We can have one at your igloo if you want. I would definitely like a School ends party too!

  2. Im Gunna Try And Get Some More People To Join 😀

  3. Cahockey, did you’re school end yesterday? SO DID MINE!!

    Cahockey: Yeah, it ended. I’m coming back on the 4th or 5th, whichever the Monday is.

  4. 2 time?it’s not the snow igloo anymore its a Christmas igloo if you haven’t seen it

    Cahockey: Yeah, Ik you changed it. I just got a little mixed up because you’ve won 2 igloo contests. Also, your grammar was good in that comment 😉

  5. wait,how long is your vacation?i get out next week then i get back after new year’s

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