PB=no show

Cahockey edit- I took one pic. I was gonna ake a pic of us decorating the giant tree in the forest, but everyone left by then 😦 . here is the pic:

Thank you guys for coming!

Well, the Freedom Fighters did not come to the pb but we decided to help BB in a tournament which we did great! But unfortunatly we loss. It gave us something to do.BB is now our allies.The people there were:

Cahockey,me,Frothe,Mmjjoo, and Raphale (The usual people there).

If Cahockey took pictures edit this post and put them here.


5 Responses

  1. that is over,now we need some huge recruiting sessions.

  2. Yeah its time to get down to business. Recruit – Recruit – Recruit. Then party and the big day. 😉

  3. you spelt my name wrong!!!

    Cahockey: Wow Raphale (I spelt it wrong on purpose 😛 )… I don’t care when people spell my name wrong. You must have lots of temper 🙄 At least he used a capital 🙄 Idk if you know how to…

    • well I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • and I lose my temper easily!kinda with you never with greenday and especially mmjjoo!

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