Below Zero Win

An army called CP Army Unit decided to mess up our Below Zero invasion 🙄 We won anyway. We had 3 there, and they had 2 for half of the battle and 3 for the other half. They say they won (most armies do that even if they lose by 10 people 🙄 ), but they didn’t. They only recruited, made groups and joke bombed. We did all the tacics we can do. Here are the pics:

1. We recruit while Goodbye says “we are stronger” 🙄

2. We defend a joke bomb with emotes

3. We fart bomb

4. We use War Faces

5. We form a group in a snow fort and peg them with snowballs

6. We defend a joke bomb, again 🙄

7. We make a line while they recruit

8. We form a line while they spam “CP AU” continuously

9. We fart bomb again

10. We use war faces

Also, that was my first battle using my laptop! Usually I don’t because the pics sometimes turn our blurry and the Touchpad is harder to move 😦 . It’s not as hard anymore, so I can use it more often. And, the pics don’t turn out blurry 😀 . But, the pics aren’t as easy to crop. You don’t drag them down. You type how many centimetres you want to crop down from that area. But whatever. Thanks Frothe and Greenday for coming!


4 Responses

  1. You guys did not win we won. We had more people than you for the most of the battle. Also you guys used simple tactics everyone knows. Also we had more tactics than you. So it is obivouis that we won.

    Cahockey: Tic, you are stupid. You cannot admit you lost. When we joke bombed and emoted bombed you, you ran away.
    We had more people than you for half of the battle, and we were tied for the other half. Wow, you are really stupid if you say you had more tactics than us. You only recruited, joke bombed, and made groups. We did like 8 different tactics unlike you who used 2 (recruiting isn’t a tactic 🙄 )

    • no we had more for 3 rooms,they had more people for one room.

  2. You’ll be glad to know that DM aren’t going to attack,HW beat them 3-2

  3. Lawl, CPAU fail.

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