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How To Take Pics Without Needing An Account or Anything

M’kay, all you need up is the place you’re taking the pic from, a Microsoft Word Document (I recommend 2003 for easier cropping), and a Paint Document. Here are the next steps:

1. Press “Prnt Scrn” on your keyboard
2. Press “CTRL+V” in a Microsoft Word Document (If it doesn’t work press “fn+Prnt Scrn”)
3. Right click
4. Click “Show picture toolbar”
5. Click the crop thing and crop your pic down to the parts you need
6. Right click
7. Press “CTRL+C”
8. Press “CTRL+V” in the paint document
9. Add text or whatever you want (if you don’t want to skip to #10)
10. Save picture as a PNG
11. Upload to WordPress
12. Click “File URL” (a long URL starting with the website URL will pop up)
13. Select size (Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size (I reccomend medium for CP pics, but full size for headers, banners, those kind of things))
14. Click “Insert to post”
15. Publish post or add content to the post

If any steps do not work, just comment and I’ll help you with them 😉 . You don’t need Photobucket, Tinypic or anything like that. If your pic has small text inside it, click “File URL” and then a URL of your website pops up (with the date, and pic name). Then insert. So when you click the pic (In the post) it will go to a blank web page with the pic (It is bigger). Hope these help! 😉


2 Responses

  1. If you have Microsoft Word 2007, it will be harder to crop. Either get 2003, or ask me on chat. It’s really hard to explain how to do it though.

  2. If you have windows go on ur thing where there are ur programs search Snipping Tool Download it crop the window ur on save it upload on wordpress and it only takes a little time to download and it only takes five seconds to crop and save it and the one u do is the slow and hard one

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