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We Lose Matterhorn

GW invaded Matterhorn from us, and they won 😦 Kieran sided with GW, so he will probably get a demotion. We actually had a full chat halfway through the battle. I’ll maybe invade a Water Warriors server. Here are the pics:

(Pics will be uploaded soon)

So, comment if Kieran should get a demotion. Here is an example:

Name: Cahockey

SW Rank: Leader

Should Kieran get a demo: Yeah

Should we invade a WW server: It’s your choice


23 Responses

  1. well i kinda do because he always fights for the other army.

  2. and no,at least not right now

  3. If Kieran gets demoted and you invade water warriors gw will take out your nation along with pdw, romans, tagp, at, & aw. Your choice.

    • This just proves that GW will not fight alone only with the support of all of these armys. How pathetic.

    • Riotors <.< Why would you do that thats no fun? Just beacuse i one solider in your army? I know i wasnt at the battle but comon your GW how would you like it if
      Nachos,Acp,IW, Invaded your servers it would mean your army would be probaly dead…

      So think about it <.<

    • Oh yeah, and like that’s really fair. GW chickens are too scared to fight someone their own size, so they pick on an army that just wants to grow. Why did you invade Matterhorn in the first place? Why do you care if Kieran gets demoted in this army? GW fail. You just want to destroy this army, and this will get you no respect. GW fail, and they pick on small armies because they’re to weak to fight armies their own size.

      • well they at first didn’t know it was claimed,then i think Cahockey talked to Riotors and he said we culd share it.Then,Rebel had some idea to report someone so they would get banned(which noone in sw went along with), Then Riotors came onto chat and wouldn’t shut his mouth and let us explain the situation.

  4. Raphle8
    co- leader
    and ya(p.s. Muckyfeet is sorry(seriously)

  5. And 4 people on your chat were gw spies.

    • i do realize that but we don’t really do anything “secret” so using spies is a waste of time.

      • Ok but still…if you demote kieran we will just take another server since thats stupid to demote her for fighting for her promo in a larger army. If you go to war with the Water Warriors (kierans army) gw Will help Water Warriors.

      • at least we know kieran is a boy.

      • I would like to talk to Cahockey, he is the only leader that I think will understand and I give him props for being a good leader. Also gw and romans have no enemies yet, so if you add us to your enemies you will be our targets and we do not want that to happen.

        Cahockey: I don’t want to be enemies. Frothe meant that we basically are because you invaded our server.

      • A good person does not promiss to share a server with you and then stab you in the back. That is an act of an enemy. SW are not the bad people here. We are not seeking to be enemies with anybody. It is being thrust upon us to defend ourselves. So we will.

      • We only didn’t share the server because sw soldiers were reporting gw on cp, even though we won’t get banned. Also you claim you have not used bots but somebody on your chat says you did so we are unsure of that part.

      • Quote: We only didn’t share the server because sw soldiers were reporting gw on cp.

        No proof of this and I believe it to be a lie. You decided not to share before the battle.

        Quote: Also you claim you have not used bots but somebody on your chat says you did so we are unsure of that part.

        I thought this was all cleared up but it is obvious you cant let it go. Because you want to try to smear our name you must be treated as an enemy. Trying to make our army look bad with false acuzations. If you continue this we will have to take action against you to defend our good standing in the army community. Allies are siding if you really want war. Its up to you.

        Cahockey: Frothe, don’t worry. Me and Rio talked last night and we are back to sharing the server 😀

      • ya I don’t want to be enemies either,Romans are one of my favorite armies.SW is my first but Romans are like my 3rd.

      • Actually, I found out you were using bots, so in that case, having spies were pretty useful

      • what are you talking about?Did you see any penguin following any of us? What I thought.

      • well actually not because the main leaders(me,frothe1,cahockey) and everyone else in sw did not know rebel was using bots.

    • Like we did not know they were spies. All they said was “give up or surrender” I think we know who is in our army.

  6. GW and The Romans (2 medium sized armies) took Matterhorn away from Snow Warriors (a small army). How pathetic and unfair it was for them to do this but oh well we will survive.

    As for Kieran he has not attended any event since I have joined SW. As a matter of fact all he does is complain and put SW down. Now he has betrayed us and should be fired.

    We now have 2 enemies (GW and The Romans) and we need to increase our manpower and get some support from allies before we do anything else. One day we will get our sweet revenge.

    • i don’t want to call romans our enemies because i am in the romans.

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