300th Post!/Merry Christmas!

Yes, this is the 300th post! Here are all the people that have helped us with posts:

  • Cahockey: 240 posts! 😯
  • Greenday184: 26 posts! 😯
  • Mmjjoo: 8 posts
  • Reeceb: 6 posts
  • Koko218: 5 posts
  • Darthman10: 4 posts
  • Frothe1: 3 posts
  • Foo Fighter: 3 posts
  • Kieranmega Y: 2 posts
  • Candyboy8 (Taken off of site): 1 post

Thanks all of you that helped! Anyway,

Merry Christmas!

Tell me your favorite Christmas memories and the coolest present(s) you got. Santa Claus will be coming to the young ones and will be giving lots of presents. I really hope I get CP coin codes, card jitsu codes, and memberships for Christmas. I’d really like a Canucks or Penguins jersey 😀 and some Wii games. I’d like to use my mom’s PayPal account and get SW a domain 😀 . What did you want and did you get it?


5 Responses

  1. I gotta a PS3 with Modern Warfare 2!

  2. do you have Mario Kart for Wii? and if you do do you use Wi-Fi for it?My sister has Mario Kart and Wi-Fi so if you do we could race sometime.

  3. I got Tony Hawk: Ride for Xbox 360.
    It is makin me sooooo mad right now……it shows u that u have the move to board to the side to do a trick, i do it perfectly, and on screen, it shows me doing nothin
    I also got some money 😛
    -Foo Fighter

  4. I got a Xbox 360 Elite with FIFA 10 and Guitar hero:World tour

  5. I got a mouse for meh laptop (finally!), 4 card jitsu packs, 1 coin code that gave me 2 things, and 1 coin code that gave me 4 things.
    I am basically the new card jitsu master with the power cards I just got 😛 I got another invincible card 😉

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