We Tied With FR

We tied with fire Rebels. They brought allies (Red Army) thought brought people for us (Tacos). Excluding the RA and Tacos, it was a draw. They had more people, but we pwned them with tactics. Like all small armies, they said they won, but they didn’t. I’ll put the pics up later.


5 Responses

  1. I was there. :mrgreen:

  2. Why cant small armys fight fair like us. The RCP had to get the Romans to help them and now the FR need the RA to help them. Why cant they just fight by themselves? Cuz they know they cant win against us.

    • Rcp never got the Romans to help them.

      • Oh yes they did. They both said that they pwned us on both sites. The Romans deleted my comments about the event. But they did say they were there.


    Cahockey: If you weren’t blind, you’d know that you brought the “red army” 🙄

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