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Does Kieran Hate SW?/Break

To me, Kieran hates SW. Idk about you. These are some quotes from events:

Quote: Kieran from the first FR war:

i dont have any white things

Cahockey’s Opinion: Nice try 🙄 I know you at least have a white belt 😕 Proof you don’t like SW.

Quote: Kieran from the Team PB and the first FR war:

this is boring

Cahockey’s Opinion: It’s boring because you purposely do nothing.

As you can see, Kieran fakes not having any of the uniform, says he’s bored because he purposely does nothing, and comes on chat but not CP during a very important war, AND HE EXPECTS A PROMO?! Kieran isn’t active in the first place 🙄 Now, I’d like you to say if Kieran hates SW or not. Answer these questions:

1. What is your CP name?

2. What is your SW rank?

3. Does Kieran hate SW?

Anyway, here is the “break” part of the post:

As a member, I can only go on the computer 3 hours a day on days off school and an hour and a half on school days. With that time, I can’t be that active because I’m a member so I spend it on CP (I really want to be a Fire Ninja. But the good thing is that I’m like 53% to getting the helmet 😀 .) My break will start on Monday, and will end on Saturday (just in time for the party 😉 )


6 Responses

  1. 1. What is your CP name? Cahockey
    2. What is your SW rank? Leader
    3 Does Kieran hate SW? It’s pretty obvious 🙄

  2. 1. What is your CP name? Frothe1

    2. What is your SW rank? Leader

    3. Does Kieran hate SW? I would say he has nothing to offer SW. All he does is complain about us and I have never seen him help at any event.

  3. 1.Kkabc23123
    2.Major General
    3.No i dont think he hates SW but i dont think he actually cares about SW

  4. You know who and what rank I am.
    No,he just doesn’t really care about SW.

  5. 1. What is your CP name?-Iceberry089

    2. What is your SW rank?-Sergeant

    3. Does Kieran hate SW?- Yes

  6. 1. What is your CP name?-Callumb 7
    2. What is your SW rank?-None
    3. Does Kieran HATE SW?-Yes, like one million times!!!!!!!!!

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