Recruiting Week

This week is going to be a recruiting week. This army really needs to grow.I have been impressed by the sizes we have had a sessions recently but it is always the same people.Hopefully this will get us some recruits.

First session:



6:30 p.m. est


For:5 medals

Second sesion:

Time/day: Saturday,Jaunuary 9th

2:30p.m. est

11:30a.m. pst.



For:5 medals.

Reeceb,please schedule a UK timed recruiting session during the week.

comment If you can make either of these!

Prizes for recruiting:

Adding our banner to your site:15 medals

Adding our site to blogroll:8 medals

Recruiting three people:series 4 coin code(first two people to do that) and they must say you recruited them in the comment.

Recruit one active person:promotion,(if you are under the top mod line rank.)

Next person to join this army will get one of my two card jitsu codes.






5 Responses

  1. Greenday, I don’t really like the “next person to join this army gets a Card Jitsu code” because they won’t be active but they’ll get it. Make it that they have to be active or they don’t get it. But, they might be active until they get it, then quit or retire. You might not want that one.

  2. I can’t make the first one, and I definitely can’t make the second one. 11:30 PM PST? I’d be in bed. I hope you meant AM *WARY*

  3. O yeah,sorry I will fix those.

  4. Sorry I cant make it Wednesday (school). Saturday is a maybe. I will be busy starting at 11am on Saturday if I get done early then I can make it. 10am or 1pm PST on Saturday would be better for me.

    • Scratch that I can make it Saturday. 🙂

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