Firing of Kieran

Kieran has been fired. I asked him to get on CP for my B-day party, and he said “i dont care” I am currently cropping the pic. Kieran doesn’t deserve to be in SW.  Kieran is to be kept as a member on chat. Mckewanman can take Kieran’s spot. Goodbye Kieran.


5 Responses

  1. Sorry about not making it to your B-day party,I was at a hockey practice but I went to the unscheduled one on like Wednesday.

    Cahockey: That’s fine. I made the un-scheduled one on Tuesday because that was the date of my real birthday.

    • And I was gojng to say bye to you but you and Mmjjoo joined a CJF game.


    Cahockey: If you actually knew how to read properly, you’d know that that said other things 🙄

    • We fired him because he never does anything for this army.We have had like three wars where he has fought for the other army even though he is a higher rank in SW.And he never does anything at the few events he ever makes (2).

    • Kieran didnt care about this army or any of its members. He has never been to any event for as long as I have been in this army. His only comments were anti-Snow Warrior and I guess he only cares about his failing army Water Warriors. Which I think we should remove from our blog roll cuz they are inactive.

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