Fun Times Cahockey’s 2 Year Birthday Party

Well we had a great time at Cahockey’s 2 year Birthday party in his igloo. We watched hockey on tv. Ate some pizza. Sang Happy Birthday. Opened presents. Ate some cake. Then played some hockey at the Ice Rink. Did some sledding on the mountain. Finally played some Card-jitsu/fire in the Dojo. Besides our host Cahockey, I would like to thank Homboy678, Kkabc123, Koko218, and Mckewanman for coming and making this event so special. Sorry if I forgot anybody else who came. And I am sorry I lost my 3 pictures that I took when my computer froze up and I had to unplug it. So if anyone got pictures please leave a link and I will post them.


3 Responses

  1. Don’t forget to thank yourself! xD


  3. you spelled “ate” wrong and sorry I couldn’t make it.

    Cahockey: Who cares? You are the only one that does 🙄 There isn’t even a typo there anyway 🙄 . Can you read properly? At least he has better grammar than you 😛 You make more typos than him. Do you see me always correcting you?! NO!

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