Best Style Contest

I’d like to see who has the best style on CP. Some people change it all the time, but I’d like to know what they like the best. The winner gets to choose what the 2 teams of the tournament I’m making will be. All you do is make a really good style that looks cool. Keep it on so I can take a pic. Comment if you’re entering. The deadline is Saturday the 16th. Anyone that copies what I (or someone else) wear will be disqualified. Good luck 😉


5 Responses

  1. o O LOLZ

  2. could I try?

    Cahockey: Yeah, but you have like a 30% chance because you’re not a member.

  3. So is this best army uniform style or anything goes?

    Cahockey: Anything. But I see you’re wearing something different everyday, so it might be hard to decide what to wear.

    • Yeah I have my uniforms for armys that are the same but I try to mix up my wardrobe alot. LOL

  4. Ill Look Good 😉

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