Listen To Frothe or Greenday

I might not be able to make the BFA PB (I have to leave at like 11:30 PST). I don’t know if SW will know what to do without me there. We have never had an event when people came and I wasn’t there. I’m not saying you guys are stupid or anything. I taught Frothe what to do when I don’t come to an event. Be sure to listen to him if I can’t come. As people come on chat, I will teach them. After we are less busy, I’ll schedule a tactics session to teach you what to do. So me and Frothe will be on a team, and the other people are on another team. Me and Frothe will do all of our tactics, and you will have to use defense and offense tactics. If you don’t really know our tactics, click here. They are really simple. Good luck at the PB if I can’t come 😉


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