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Muckyfeet Fail

Mr Muckyfeet thinks she could convince any big army to invade all of my servers. I talked to Raphle8 on chat, and she told me how it would go. Here is what Raphle told me about Muckyfeet’s first plan:

Raphle8: Muckyfeet has a plan to destroy SW.

Cahockey: Really? What is it?

Raphle8: She was going to make an army and invade the servers.

Cahockey: Wow. I thought you said you weren’t allowed to use your WP account. Muckyfeet wouldn’t be able to either, right? You said Muckyfeet was your little sister, so if you can’t use it, neither can she.

Raphle8: Well, she could get all of the people in her class to join.

Cahockey: Only 1/4 of people in someone’s school class will play Club Penguin. And an average class has 25 people. So she would only get like like 6 people if her class had CP people in it. And they wouldn’t be active.

Raphle8: Maybe, but she could convince her friends to come to the war.

Cahockey: They have a 20% chance of remembering. o-1 people at a war can’t beat an army with 5-6 people at a war. And plus, I thought an army couldn’t be real without a website. If she did invade our servers (like that would happen), she wouldn’t have any place to give them to.

That is about the old Muckyfeet plan. This is the new one:

Raphle8: I have an update over the Muckyfeet plan.

Cahockey: Really? What is it?

Raphle8: She is going to join the biggest army she can find (Nachos) and get them to invade our servers.

Cahockey: She would have to be the lowest rank. She couldn’t convince them to do that. If you’re the lowest rank, you can’t convince an army to do something. She’d have to wait until she was an owner rank (which would never happen. Muckyfeet can’t be active in an army without reminders from Raphle.)

Comment your opinions on this. Muckyfeet has been fired from SW.


6 Responses

  1. Muckyfeet fail? Indeed. HW are ready to help you just in case *HEHE*

  2. 1.Nachos aren’t even the biggest army. Cahockey: Ik. But Raphle8 doesn’t know any armies besides SW, BFW, and Nachos (I told her), so that’s the only one she can join.
    2. We would crush and army of 100 of them with tactics. Cahockey: We wouldn’t beat them, but it would obviously be a tie.
    3.Just because some 5 year old joins an army doesn’t mean that army is going to do what she says. Cahockey: Not even a 12+ year old can do that. They have to be like an owner rank (That would never happen to someone in grade one 😛 )

  3. If you need any more info just give me a time and date on chat.

  4. who is she? i know thats a dumb question but i felt like asking

    Cahockey: She was a Captain of SW, but she quit because she hated us because I demoted her because she was inactive. She said she was gonna get the Nschos to invade our servers, but that couldn’t happen. A 6 year old can’t do that 🙄

    • What are Nschos?

      Cahockey: Raphle, I’m getting tired of you correcting people’s stupid typos. At least we have grammar 🙄

    • watch her fail

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