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Get Active

Only Frothe came to the PB today. We usually get 5 at events. What is happening? Greenday said he was retiring from all armies. This is not good. SW is gonna fall without him. We are going to have an active count. Oh, and because Mmjjoo is so inactive, Darthman takes Foo’s spot 😉

Name: Cahockey

Rank: Leader

How active are you on a scale of 5? 5

Please be active. I really want to get back to 5 at events 😥


13 Responses

  1. Cahockey

  2. […] come on for 3 times without an excuse, you will be demoted. If you don’t comment on the active count, you will also be […]

  3. Name: Frothe1

    Rank: Leader

    How active are you on a scale of 5? 5

  4. 1.Kkabc123
    2.Major General probally wll be 4 ic
    3.4 i was at the pb then i went with frothe at the defense of ice age but i was at pb ten minutes before

  5. Dino68270

    The lowest owner rank


  6. I am going to postpone my SW retirement for now but I’m out of every other army so…


    Cahockey: Yes! Thanks Greenday 😉 Why do you want to retire from CP and armies?

    Greenday:I was getting bored and I play my PS3 a lot more then CP now.I love playing warfare games like Modern Warfare 2 and Army of Two.

    • I love that game oh and here’s a game for ya greenday its called War Hawk but you have to buy it at the store….also battle field 1943

  7. Raphle8

  8. Darthman10
    Co Leader (Cuz im taking foos Spot :D)

  9. Mmjjoo
    4.5 Cahockey’s opinion: 2

  10. oh your nice cahockey :l

    Cahockey: To get a 4 you can’t check the site once every 2 weeks.

  11. Koko218.



  12. mckewanman

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