Getting Back On Our Feet

We need to be getting back on our feet. We have been falling lately. We will have a mass recruiting session. Here is the info:

Date: Sunday January 24th 2009


  • 11:00 AM PST
  • 1:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM GMT

Location: Frozen, Town

Also, to help us get more active, I will start a new thing. On Thursdays and Fridays, you will get on at 3:00 Pm PST and stay on until I say you can get off or 4:00 PM PST. We will do recruitings and trainings, and sometimes some parties/chat rallies. If you don’t come on for 3 times without an excuse, you will be demoted. If you don’t comment on the active count, you will also be demoted.


9 Responses

  1. my mom picks me up at school at 3:45

    Cahockey: Oh well. Why does she do that though? Can’t you go on the computers while you’re waiting? I don’t care if you ain’t on chat.

  2. This isnt a good thing that much beucase
    Person sick or grounded=DEMOTION=PEOPLE MAD=PEOPLE LEAVE SNOW WARRIORS=FAIL!No offense and i think i can get something to help greenday prob

    Cahockey: Greenday retirement is being postponed 😀 I probably know what you were thinking… And if you read properly, you’d know that I said if you didn’t have an excuse. If you said you were sick or grounded, you wouldn’t be demoted. If your excuse is “I forgot”, I won’t buy it. I do this so I know if people are checking the site.

  3. Hi Im poppymelt BFA leader (you already know that) i was wondering if Snow Warriors would like to merge into us. Cahockey would be 2ic and the other leaders 3 ic. Comment on BFA site with your answer.

  4. Listen up Cackohey, can you guys help TeamRed n a war? Details:

    Saturday23rd January 2010

    7pm GMT, 2pm EST and 1pm CST

    Down Under Snow Forts

    Reply on TR site

  5. nvm about the comment b4

  6. I can’t make it a have friend coming over, soo…I can’t

  7. BFA is invading most of your servers Link Removed- No Advertising!

  8. ohhh and tacos own Mukluk :ONO:

  9. You guys are being invaded just for you to know. Link Removed- No advertising! look

    Good luck

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