Well im the new ambassador and if you dont know me:My cp name is Kkabc123,  im a cool guy , i have alot of coolness lol and i like soccer actually love and like video games,and I want to be a good ambassador so heres my short story and army story

Well my sis made a cp account then i made one but hers was older and i started using hers and then i hanged out on cp until one day on mamamoth which then  was impossible for non-members to get in and i went to dojo and i see Red vs Green and it was actually Acp vs UMA and i thought it was red vs green so i didnt know then one day i searched cp armies and i think i joined acp and  was kinda active and then i joined the nachos and iw cause they were big so, There it is!


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations and good luck with leading.

  2. Hey cool dude. lol Congrats on the promo! You did the same thing I did. Joined the ACP then Nachos then IW.

  3. Noob in acp then un noob in nachos then went to IW

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