You choose…

Sorry for the inactivity but life just got in the way. As you can probably figure out I am going to retire.My speech will be made soon. But I have two coin codes and two card jitsu codes that I don’t want. I could either give them to you or I could give them to a very famous person who is willing to advertise us on his site.his name is Lux1200 and his current hits are around 3,8000,000 (that’s just rounded) and he gets thousands of hits a day so it could give Snow Warriors a lot of recruits . You decide.


6 Responses

  1. They might help us if we gave them to Lux. But I have no idea. I’d love to have them *SMIRK*, but that’s just me… I’m obsessed with CP you know…
    So whichever more people vote for we will do. I’m thinking about who will get your rank. You’re gonna be in the H.O.F. 😉 Putting you in now.

  2. I dont need any codes but we sure could use more people here. I am for giving them to Lux1200 in exchange for adversment. 😉

  3. idk which to choose cause well I’ve never had a coin code and then there getting sw famous hmmm….

    • You’ve commented at least once every day, so I’m gonna change you to orange on the ranks 😉

  4. ok I will talk to him

  5. Okay, but I thought about it. People will not be active, and they probably might not join in the first place. So we have to make a smart decision. A lot of people from here don’t have a coin code/CJ code. So, how ’bout we keep 1 of each and give the others to Lux for advertisement? Or 2 coin codes and 1 CJ code and give Lux a CJ code. They are most likely to not be active, so…

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