Raphle8 *D*

Yeah, Raphle8 hasn’t checked the site for about a month (3 days less, but who cares, she won’t check the site for 3+ days, so it counts.) So I think she doesn’t deserve her rank. I think Mmjjoo and her can just switch ranks. Comment with what you think. Someone who comes to events and checks the site everyday now deserves a rank more than someone who doesn’t come to any events and checks the site every week (month right now.) I am sorry to those Ambassadors who deserve to be Co-leader but have no spots to get in.


6 Responses

  1. Since we are a small army we need people active during the week or better yet everyday. Its not fair when our higher ranks are absent for a prolonged period and there are soldiers capable and willing to take their place. So I say yes move Mmjjoo or Mckewanman up.

  2. Reeceb?Reeceb is inactive too

    Cahockey: I know. He was taking a break from armies though. I was thinking if Raphle8 was going to get overthrown by Mmjjoo or Mckewanman we’d do a poll for who gets it and we’ll give Reeceb’s spot to the loser until he comes back. If he doesn’t come nack by March 4th, it’s permanent.

  3. I’m not aloud to say anything xD

    Cahockey: Umm… okay. Though it’s possibly giving you a promotion, so I’m taking that as a yes we should switch ranks.

  4. Yes because Raphle8 has not checked the site in a month.

  5. Yes because Raphle8 hasen’t check the site in ages.

  6. i will be at the war unless my siblings are on the computer

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