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Raphle8 quits. She will rejoin in summer. She says she was “busy”, but Idk about that. But she should be aware that if she quits the highest rank she will get when she rejoins is Head General. So, we’ll have a comment poll for who takes her spot.

Name: Cahockey

Rank: Leader

Who should get it (Koko, Mmjjoo, or Mckewanman)? Not going to say

Deadline is the 21st. Second place will be temp Co-leader until Reeceb comes back. If he doesn’t by March 3rd, it’s permanent. Apom59 can be the new 4ic.


16 Responses

  1. I can’t believe she said “I quit untell the summer”
    *just guessing*

  2. mckewanman
    mckewanman should get the spot

    • Lol, why would you say “Mckewanman” should get it? Why would you not just say “I” should get the spot?

  3. Name: Koko218

    Rank: 3ic

    I think I should get it because Mckewanman isn’t active and Mmjjoo is kinda active.

    Cahockey: ❓ Mmjjoo is very active and Mckewanman is more active than you.

  4. Name Raphle8

    Rank: I am not on the list.


    Just a note I will check this site just because I might have some time off.P.S. shouldn’t it be Raphle not “Reeceb”? Cahockey: Reeceb is someone else *ONO* You’re not keeping any owner rank. Any mod rank you’ll get. We’ll have a comment poll.

  5. hello

  6. Hello Cahockey, I wanted to know if Snow Warriors wanted to ally Thunder Warriors. We currently are in developement and could use allies about their size as you. Also, do you have a banner?

  7. Hello Cahockey, I was wondering if Snow Warriors wanted to ally Thunder Warriors. We are currently in the developement stage, and could use an ally of about your army’s size. Please contact me via the thunder warriors website [click my name] if interested. Also, do you have a banner?

    • Sure, we can be allies. And we have a banner, but I’m gonna re-do it.

  8. Uhh, why are my comments not posting?

    Cahockey: Idk. Maybe you commented when WP was down.
    UPDATE: They are in spam. I took them out.

  9. Ah, thats weird, there wasnt any links on them lol

    Cahockey: I know, it’s weird.

  10. WOW this is very hard to choose. Mmjjoo is very active but Mckewanman is active and has been here longer. I say both and whoever is more active will become the permanent one. Unless Reeceb never comes back then they both will stay.

  11. Mmjjoo
    Mmjjoo should get the spot xD

  12. hey cahockey my army merged last month and i think i might come on this army chat sometimes to see how it is going and i got myself a girlfriend last month too plz can i be put back in this army ill be more active.

    Cahockey: You can come back, but as long as you don’t betray us. And, you will only be a mod rank.

  13. Kkabc123
    Uh mmjjoo permament if he gets inactive and he will be demoted and Mckewanman should get receebs rank for now

  14. today war!

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