CP Army Olympics

I thought we could have Olympics for CP armies. So I thought we could use this idea. 1st will get Gold, 2nd will get Silver, and 3rd will get Bronze. We will have a group of 8 armies. Then we split into two. The equal armies do wars together. The 4 winner advance to the next round. The 2 winners play in the Gold Medal War. The 2 losers play in the Bronze Medal War. Who’s with me? Comment if you’d like your army to enter. And if you join it, you must take at least 5 pics during your war (leaders do it) and give them to me. I will decide by tactics. And, we can do Best of 3 or a One Game Knockout. Whichever the armies agree on. But the Gold and Bronze Medal games will be best of 3. And if SW joins it, I will not be biased to them, and I will not fight for them, or any one else. So comment if you guys think SW should join.


2 Responses

  1. Cool

  2. […] ℓєα∂єя I made CP Army Olympics, and I wondered if HW would like to join. For it, go here (not an ad). So you guys decide if you want to join. 54.525961 […]

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