New Co-leader(s)

Yes, the new co-leader is…


Mckewanman will be the temp. co-leader until Reeceb comes back (if he does by March 3rd.) Mckewanman, we require you to make a WordPress account. If you don’t, it can possibly take away some chances for next polls and stuff. Just go here. Then you can schedule events and other things.


5 Responses

  1. Congrats

  2. Congrats to everybody! 😀

  3. I was a good match the other penguins set off a good fight but I’m happy I won it in the end.

  4. Hey Cahockey can I be editor now please

    Cahockey: Thanks for not being like… *glares at Foo* Sure. But if you trash any comments beside spam ones that talk about uhh you know what I mean I will make you an author. If you do not know about it (swearing, advertising, mean things, etc.) you shouldn’t approve it, just wait for me ;-). You are allowed to edit the comment with your opinion like I’m doing or you can do it in a reply. No changing up the comment though, unless it is someone saying “you’ll get crushed” or something. Then you can have fun with that ;-).

  5. congrats man

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