SW Win (again)

Woot! We beat WW! Only me and Frothe came (but we got like 5 recruits)because it was a late battle. Because PST and maybe EST could be playing outside and GMT could be in bed. So the fact that we even got one there was amazing. WW didn’t show, so we won by forfeit 😀 SW strikes again :mrgreen:


6 Responses

  1. I couldnt go

  2. good to hear 😉

  3. aww, thats no fun, u didnt get to pwn them by battle lol

    • Lol, yeah. But I was glad because I was on a slow comp so a battle would freeze it 😦

  4. After waiting for the Water Warriors I went to their chat. There was only 1 soldier on and they were so sorry that nobody else (their leader) was on. So I told them we would have a redo sometime. Its only a Practice Battle no big deal. I then took the new recruits we had and fought some Ninja in the Dojo which was fun. I hoped that Basloo1 and Eyezgamer would of joined cuz they were on our chat for a while. If you read this please join us.

    Cahockey: I set up a rematch.

  5. XP lol well, at least we get a rematch, and WE WILL NOT SHOW AGAIN! MWAHAHAHAHA!! jking we’ll try to make it.

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