Blue Igloo Contest

Okay, now that I can take pictures, this will be better. So this is an igloo contest. So comment saying your name, rank, if you’re a member, and if you’re meh buddy. An example:

Name: Cahockey

Rank: Leader

Member? Duh

Am I Cahockey’s buddy? That’s not possible…

All you do is put everything blue you have in your igloo. I’m not gonna try, my igloo is too good to change :mrgreen:. Winner gets 50 medals and get’s to pick the theme for the next igloo contest. BTW, blue puffles count, and so does blue flooring. And I’ll take away points if you freeze my comp 😐


10 Responses

  1. Name: Koko218

    Rank: Ambassador

    Member? Well Duh

  2. BTW, Saturday is the last day. And, if it helps, take a pic of your igloo from before so you can put it back.

  3. Name:Iceberry089



    Cahockey: You were recently very inactive because you forgot about us so you had never been to an event. So you aren’t my buddy. Unless I can trust you and you use your igloo and take a pic, you cannot enter.

  4. mckewanman
    temp Co leader
    Well DUH!
    yes i’m Cahockeys buddy

  5. Mmjjoo
    of course i am

  6. Name: Frothe1

    Rank: Leader

    Member? Remember I am a member

    Am I Cahockey’s buddy? yeah yeah yeah

  7. i wonder if i’ll win


    Sin up for a tornament

  9. Sorry i am retiring from SW

  10. Hey I might quit.

    Cahockey: I don’t care, please do. You are very inactive. You never checked the site or came to any events, and you were never gonna. We don’t want an inactive soldier like you.

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